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Movaxion's advantages

Being a member of Movaxion has its advantages :


With our easy to use search system to find gyms, you can find the closest to you in a single click.


With your Movaxion membership, you will make big savings : no more charges when you are in another city or even if you decide to go train elsewhere with a friend. You just need to choose one gym participant and you are good to go.


The first objective for Movaxion is to eliminate all the excuses for not training. We are giving you access to gyms all over the place to help you when you are on a trip or even if you just want to make a change for a day.

the word
« excuse »
doesn't exist
with Movaxion

With Movaxion, no more excuses! You’re on a business trip, you want to try a new gym, or you just don't want to go to yours for any reason? No problem : Movaxion is there for you! You just need to use our gym finder and we will give you the closest one. Good training!



Movaxion consists of several independent physical centers one another coming together under one banner to provide a network service to their members.
Movaxion allows members of the client and other centers Independent fitness united under its banner an appropriate training in several cities and fitness centers while continuing to subscribe to their favorite gym.

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